Coping with a Negative Political Climate

Over the past few years our country has entered an intense political environment, to the point where it seems inescapable. With constant access to information (misinformation), social media, and a 24/7 news cycle it’s nearly impossible to go a day without seeing something about politics. There is no quick fix to the emotions and feelings that go into politics, however, there are some things that you can do to help yourself and others.

First, it is important to avoid fixating on things that are out of your control. That being said, this is not a suggestion that you should detach yourself completely, however, avoiding a fixation can greatly improve your mood and avoid undue stress and anxiety. It is important to take a step back, turn off the television, computer, and/or phone and do something for yourself. Constructive coping skills can include working out, teaching a class, doing a project, volunteering, spending time with your family, or anything that can make a positive change in your life.

It is also important to note that you will come into situations where people at work, family members, and friends may bring up politics, ideas, and views that you may not agree with. These situations can be extra tricky because you do not want to seem rude or get into an argument. It is important that you think about your emotional state and decide if this is a conversation you want to partake in. It is completely reasonable to politely excuse yourself from the conversation or partake if you and the other person are in the correct mind frame to have a constructive discussion. Remember to take care of yourself when these feelings arise and do something that has a positive impact on your life and those around you.

Brittany Henning, IL-AWARE Project Manager, East Aurora School District 131

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