Your Voice Matters


The “Your Voice Matters” page was created for individuals that reside in Kane County and beyond to share any struggles or challenges that they are currently facing, previously overcome, or reflecting over. On this page, I encourage you to share your story, but you can also simply wander through the stories posted by others. This is a place to remind you that you are not alone, and your struggles and challenges will be heard.

Submission Guidelines

  • We encourage stories to be under 800 words per post.
  • Each submitted story will be reviewed by the Behavioral Health Council before it is submitted onto the page, and all stories may not be posted.
  • Stories with offensive or inappropriate language will be omitted from the page or edited.
  • Individuals can choose to stay anonymous or identify themselves with their first and/or last name.
  • Individuals can upload a picture of themselves if they wish to be recognized.
  • Each individual has the right to remove their post at any time by emailing Michael Isaacson at

You can post your story in many different forms:

  • Short Story
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Drawing
  • Photo
  • Poem
  • Song Lyrics

When you are ready to share click here!