Gateway Foundation Addresses Negative Perceptions of Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Millions of Americans deal with substance use disorder every year. From the estimated 22.7 million Americans needing substance use disorder treatment in 2013, only about 2.5 million Americans actually received help (NIDA). Perhaps this “treatment gap” is partially due to the stigmas attached to drug and alcohol addiction— associations with crime, laziness, broken homes, and moral failing may deter people from entering treatment.

Unfortunately, the trend of the “treatment gap” has remained intact with the recent increase in substance use disorder in the United States. In Illinois alone, there was a 7.6 percent increase in the drug overdose death rate from 2014-’15 (NIDA).

Giving strong consideration to the heroin and prescription opioid epidem-ics, Gateway Foundation Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers realizes that addiction is more common than once thought. Gateway’s customized ap-proach to substance use disorder treatment is based on the idea that addic-tion does not discriminate; it can affect anyone. As a result, Gateway offers personalized treatment programs for each of their clients based upon their unique needs.

Upon contacting Gateway, a counselor will provide a confidential assessment to determine the right plan of treatment. Programs offered at Gateway Aurora include:

  • Men’s Residential
  • Coed Co-occurring Residential, specializing in chronic mental health conditions
  • Adult-Only Day Treatment
  • Adult and Adolescent Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Personalized Aftercare Plans

Katrina Crumley, Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers

Info Corner

Classifying addiction as a legitimate disease can be challenging, especially when drug and alcohol use is commonly tied to negative choices. If you or someone you know is suffering with substance use disorder, please call (877) 505-HOPE or visit to learn more about treatment options that challenge the stigma.