AOK Launches Childhood Trauma Awareness Campaign

The All Our Kids (AOK) network is launching a county-wide campaign to raise awareness around childhood trauma. Starting in August, the delivery of this campaign will generate impact by highlighting important content that will help the public take action in addressing trauma.

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AOK is a county-based partnership committed to ensuring that children enter kindergarten safe, healthy, and ready to learn. The network prioritized childhood trauma and resiliency as an initiative, and these are the four focus areas: Reduce Trauma Create a Trauma-Informed community Measure progress via an established data system Coordinate messages to increase awareness regarding trauma Numerous studies repeatedly reveal how childhood trauma impacts a child’s social, mental, and emotional well-being lasting into adulthood. Being aware of what trauma means and how it influences a child’s development is important. A child may experience trauma in various ways: Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; parental divorce or separation; domestic abuse within the household; parental substance abuse or parental mental illness; community violence or school violence; incarcerated household member and/or death in a family.

The more trauma a child experiences, the greater ripple effect into adulthood. There is a higher risk for developing negative lifestyle habits, and having poor physical and mental health. For more information about childhood trauma visit The National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

Astazie Ortega, All Our Kids Coordinator, Kane County Health Department

Info Corner

The AOK network meets once a month and we welcome new members who wish to improve children’s outcomes. Please RSVP to join,