How can we end homelessness for people with serious mental illnesses?

Research has provided much information about what services and practices are effective in ending homelessness for people with serious mental [Read More]

Whom will I see?

When you seek Mental Health and or Substance Abuse treatment, you will see a variety of health care professionals. You [Read More]

How can I enhance my insurance?

You are eligible for a Medical Savings Account, or MSA, if you work for a business with 50 or less [Read More]

What is the difference between a psychiatrist, a psychologist, and a social worker and how do I decide which one is right for me?

Mental health services are provided by several different professions, each of which has its own training and areas of expertise. [Read More]

When should I use mental health or substance abuse services?

If stress, or interpersonal or job-related tension, is interfering with your daily life or if a medical condition is causing [Read More]