How can I find and access mental health treatments and services?

Decisions regarding the admission, treatment, and care of people with emotional problems are made at the local and State levels, [Read More]

How is the Government involved in suicide prevention efforts?

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) considers suicide a significant public health problem and is involved in prevention [Read More]

Why are so many people with serious mental illnesses homeless?

Here are some reasons why… Their symptoms are often active and untreated, making it extremely difficult for them to meet [Read More]

What do we know about people with serious mental illnesses who are homeless?

Here is what we know… The majority of people with serious mental illnesses who are homeless had prior contact with [Read More]

Where can I find mental health statistics?

The National Mental Health Information Center does not have specific statistics, although our web site does provide access to Mental Health, [Read More]