Presence St. Joseph Hospital

Phone Number: 847-931-5521

Presence Saint Joseph Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services for adults and adolescents.  The Behavioral Health Service’s highly trained, experienced psychiatrists, social workers, nurses and counselors have a unique understanding of how to help each patient manage personal crisis and learn important skills to handle life’s challenges more effectively.    A trained professional is available to provide comprehensive crisis assessments in our emergency room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Anyone experiencing a mental health crisis can contact our intake department at (847) 931-5521.

New Services:

Adolescent Program

Presence Saint Joseph Hospital offers many levels of care for depression, anxiety and related issues for patients aged 12-17.

Adolescents can be treated in an inpatient setting, a partial or intensive outpatient program or in an outpatient setting.  Patients and their families are encouraged to take an active role in their treatment.

Inpatient hospitalization

Adolescents may need the safety and structure of 24-hour care, including diagnosis, crisis stabilization, medication and management, individual staffing, case management and discharge planning.

Inpatient therapies

While in the hospital, patients receive individual, group and intensive family therapy.  They learn communication skills, social skills and coping skills.  Recreational and leisure oriented therapies also are a part of the program.

Schoolwork for inpatients

A certified teacher from our tutorial school will help patients with assigned schoolwork and act as a liaison between the children and their schools.

Partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs

For times when 24-hour care is not necessary, or when a step-down level of care is helpful after hospitalization, we offer services that help with evaluation and stabilization.

Services include crisis stabilization, schooling, medication education and management plus weekend and discharge planning.  Patients learn anger management, stress management, coping skills, communication and social skills.

Therapies include individual, family, group, recreational and leisure.

Medical professionals

All treatment plans are guided by a psychiatrist.  Additionally, inpatients are followed by a primary care physician.

Outpatient services

Outpatient services are provided that include therapy, family therapy and case management services to help patients understand and cope with their mental illness.

Get in touch.

Call our 24-hour confidential assessment and intake line at 847-931-5521.

Paul Martin is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital’s Outpatient Clinic.  He is available to see patients on Thursdays from 10am-7pm and Fridays from 9am- 1pm and accepts most insurance plans, including Medicaid.  Paul’s office is located on the 3rd floor at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, 77 North Airlite St., Elgin, IL 60123.   You may schedule an appointment with Paul by calling Central Access at 708.410.0615.  If you call after 5pm, please leave a message and your call will be returned within 24 hours.